A message from the head of the department

Dear Madam/Sir,

The Department of Business Administration has been training managers for two decades. We have trained about two thousand graduates, who hold managerial positions in industrial and non-for-profit organizations. We take pride in our alumni, who form an important part of our contribution to Israel’s society and economy.

The Department is ever-evolving. In the past ten years, alongside our traditional General MBA program, we have developed and initiated an MBA Program for the Management of Non-for-Profit Organizations, an MBA Program for Real Estate Valuation and Management, an MBA Program for the Strategic Management of Human Resources, an International MBA Program, which emphasizes the Far East, and an MBA program which focuses on Ports and Shipping Management. We also have an International MBA Program Specializing in Sustainability (in cooperation with the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management). In addition, we now also conduct an MBA Research program with Thesis. This variety of programs reflects the nature and characteristics of the management discipline, namely, an essential core of knowledge followed by different specializations.  

Notably, the University differs from regional colleges by its emphasis on research. Accordingly, the University has granted the Department an approval to conduct a doctoral program in Business Administration. In addition to the students who are presently enrolled in the doctoral program, several additional students are completing the perquisites to the doctoral program (a master’s thesis). They will all join the cadre of PhD graduates. Additionally, Department faculty members conduct research in the different sub-disciplines of business administration, part of which arising from the fruitful cooperation with several research centers in the Faculty of Management. 

Lastly, the Department of Business Administration maintains a positive atmosphere which characterizes the relationships between three axes—the students, the academic staff, and the administrative staff. The long-living tradition of the Faculty of Management from its day of inception has guided our Department. We are proud of our extraordinary students, academic staff, and administrative staff, who invest diligent team-work, and to whom we owe our excellence.

In the name of everyone in the Department, I invite you to take part in the research, creation, and study experiences we enjoy. The academic and administrative staffs’ doors are always open, and we will continue to welcome anyone that would like to join our family.

Prof. Shay S. Tzafrir, Head

Department of Business Administration

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