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Application may be done through the University of Haifa website:

Registration will begin on 20.01.2019 and will end on 30.04.2019.

For an English version for candidates abroad:

The studies will commence on the week of 27.10.19.

Admission - General Information

Women and men who possess the following qualifications are welcome to apply for admission to the program:

  1. An accredited undergraduate degree with a minimum grade point average of 80 or the equivalent *
  2. At least three years of managerial/professional experience after completion of the undergraduate degree
  3. Completion of the GMAT/GRE/Internal Exam, with a minimum grade that will be determined periodically **
  4. A excellent command of the English language
  5. Qualified candidates will be invited for an interview

* For applicants who hold a foreign bachelor's degree, completion of the GRE exam is required. The minimum grade will apply to both quantitative and verbal parts of the exam. For GRE info- click here.

** In some of the programs, there will be an Internal Exam instead of the GMAT Exam. The exam consists of 3 parts: Verbal, Quantitative and English, and requires a minimum grade that will be determined periodically.
Applicants who hold a Ph.D from accredited universities, will be exempted from taking the GMAT/Internal Exam.
Applicants who hold advanced degrees from accredited universities, as well as applicants who hold senior managerial positions, may apply to the Department’s MA committee for exemption from the GMAT/Internal Exam.


All candidates must complete the Graduate Management Admission Test- GMAT. Upon receiving the test score, all candidates are requested to provide the University of Haifa with the original or authorized copy of the test score.

  • To the official website of the GMAT Exam click here.
  • For inquiries about GMAT registration call: 0031-263521577 or fax: 0031-263521278.
  • The deadline for transferring the results of the GMAT examination to the program coordinator is the end of May each year.

Candidate Questionnaire

After registration, and as part of the acceptance process, a completed candidate questionnaire should be sent to the relevant program coordinator. The relevant questionnaire for each program can be found on the program's website.


Personal interviews are held as part of the acceptance process. Not all candidates are invited to the interviews. Before the interview, we may require recommendation letters from people who know the candidate personally through professional relations.

Proficiency in English language

  • An MBA student must prove reading, writing, and verbal skills in the English language.
  • Some of the courses and workshops may be given in English.

Transfer students

Transfer students (from equivalent programs in other accredited Institutions of Higher Education), who are accepted to the program, have to present documentation (transcripts and syllabuses if necessary), for the purpose of examining their right to be credited for certain courses.

Program’s timetable

Typically, programs stretch over seven periods (apart for the Real Estate Valuation and Management program and the Global Green MBA Program).
Each period consists of 8 studying weeks, followed by an exam week.
The exams may take place on any weekday during the exam week.

A student must take all courses as determined for every period. It is not possible to advance more slowly by spreading the different courses over time.

  • In the General MBA Program (in Hebrew), classes are held on Thursdays 15:00-21:00 and on Fridays 08:00-14:00.
  • In the MBA program for the Strategic Management of Human Resources, classes are held on Tuesdays 15:00-21:00 and on Fridays 08:00-14:00.
  • In the MBA program for Real Estate Valuation and Management, classes are held on Tuesdays 08:30-20:00.
  • In the MBA program for the Management of Non-Profit Organizations, classes are held on Tuesdays 09:00-19:00.
  • In the MBA program for Ports and Shipping Management, classes are held on Thursdays 15:00-21:00 and on Fridays 08:00-14:00.
  • In the International MBA program (in English), classes are held on Thursdays 15:00-21:00 and on Fridays 08:00-14:00.
  • In the Global Green MBA program, classes are held on Thursdays and Fridays.
  • In the MBA program with Thesis, classes are held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Participation and exams

  • Attendance is mandatory in all sessions, workshops, assignments, and seminars.
  • Every eight-week period has one exam date per course.
  • Exams may take place on any weekday. Students will be notified in advance.

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