The MBA Program for Strategic Human Resource Management

The Program

This unique program is designed for those who seek to develop and expand their managerial skills with the intention to successfully cope with the managerial challenges of a rapidly-changing global market, which is subjected to social, technological, economic and political changes. These challenges, mainly in management of the human capital, demand different types of human resource management to meet the need for pro-active strategic thinking and for effective use of the firm’s resources to enhance its ability to cope with future changes. The effective management of the firm’s resources helps building the firm’s competitive advantage, and is considered a matter of organizational survival.

The Faculty is guided by principles of innovative managerial concepts. We acknowledge the appropriate standards of human resources management and perceive it to have a leading strategic role in the organization.

The goal is to academically train prospective managers who will be able to cope successfully with diverse managerial issues as a strategic/business partner in the organization.

The program is unique for its interdisciplinary approach. It includes a range of subjects taken from the field of business administration, as well as strategic human resource management. Students are trained in academic proficiency to identify and analyze theoretical and practical problems, as well as to implement actual solutions. The content is comprised of three pillars: subjects that are unique to HR, organizational, behavioral and managerial aspects, and business comprehension.

The program focuses on the integration of academic and practical knowledge through a set of meetings with HR managers who bring field-experience, business game simulation and courses taught by field men and women.

We seek to have classes where students come from a wide range of organizations, reflecting the broad range of the sector. The program is built to encourage participants to share their varied managerial experience and knowledge with their peers.

Successful graduates are eligible for a Master’s degree in Business administration—MBA, with the specialization in strategic human resource management.

Unique Program characteristics

Work and study simultaneously: Courses are concentrated on two days a week: Tuesdays afternoon and Fridays. This allows students to earn an MBA with minimal interruption to their work.

Short period of studies: Program duration is about a year and a half; the program stretches over seven study-periods, each of which consists of eight weeks and an exam week. 

Qualitative study experience: The studies take place in a relatively small group. The heterogeneous academic background of the students and their diverse managerial experience enable the exchange of ideas among the participants.
A combination of theory and practice: The program combines academic lecturers with lecturers from the field, both from Israel and abroad, and emphasizes the practical orientation of the study material. The combination of theory and practice contributes to the quality of and the learning experience in the program.

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Tuition fee

The Program duration is two academic years (for the University’s tuition fee regulations click here)

MBA students pay the total of two academic years tuition fee for the entire program. The total cost of studies is very good value for money as compared to alternatives in Israel and abroad.

*The tuition fee does not include additional payments (such as security, services etc.).

Administrative Management

Program Head: Prof. Michal Biron
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Program academic advisor: Prof. Ilan Meshoulam

Program Coordinator: Ms. Vered Petrar-Alon
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 04-8249581

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