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Aviv Shoham (PhD, 1993, University of Oregon) is an associate professor of marketing at University of Haifa, Israel. He serves as a visiting professor at the Ljubljana University, Slovenia. His research focuses on international marketing management/strategy and international consumer behavior. His research has been published in journals such as the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Management International Review, the Journal of International Marketing, International Marketing Review, the Journal of Business Research, the Journal of Advertising Research, International Business Review, the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, the European Journal of Marketing, European Journal of Management, and the Journal of Global Marketing.

Full CV and publications

Recent publications:

Ruvio Ayalla, Aviv Shoham, Eran Vigoda-Gadot, and Nitza Schwabsky (2014) "Organizational Innovativeness: Construct Development and Cross-Cultural Validation," Journal of Product Innovation Management, 31(5), (SCI, IF=1.57).

Gnizi Itzhak and Aviv Shoham (2014) "Uncovering the Influence of the International Marketing Function in International Firms," International Marketing Review, 31(1), (SCI, IF = 1.17).

Ruvio Ayalla, Yossi Gavish, and Aviv Shoham (2013) "Consumer's Doppelganger: A Role Model Perspective on Intentional Consumer Mimicry," Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 12(1), 60-69 (SCI, IF=.75).

Ossi Pesämaa, Aviv Shoham, and Ayalla Ruvio (2013) "How a Learning Orientation Affects Drivers of Drivers of Innovativeness and Performance in Service Delivery," Journal of Engineering and Technology Management, 30(2), 169-187 (SCI, IF=.67).

Aviv Shoham and Ossi Pesämaa (2013) "Gadget Loving: A Test of an Integrative Model in Israel," Psychology & Marketing, 30 (3), 247-262 (SCI, IF=1.31).

Segev Ruth, Aviv Shoham, and Ayalla Ruvio (2013) "Gift-Giving among Adolescents: Exploring Motives, the Effects of Givers' Personal Characteristics and the Use of Impression Management Tactics," Journal of Consumer Marketing, 30(5), 436-449.

Efrat, Kalanit and Aviv Shoham (2013) "The Theory of Planned Behavior, Materialism, and Aggressive Driving," Accident Analysis & Prevention, 59(October), 459-465 (SCI, IF = 1.87).

Efrat, Kalanit and Aviv Shoham (2013) "The Interaction between Environment and Strategic Orientation in Born Globals' choice of entry mode," International Marketing Review, 30(6), 536-558 (SCI, IF = 1.17).

Shoham, Aviv, Yossi Gavish, and Sigal Segev (2012), “Drivers of Customers’ Reactions to Service Failures: The Israeli Experience,” International Journal of Psychological Studies, 4(1), 76-90.

Shoham, Aviv, Eran Vigoda-Gadot, Ayalla Ruvio, and Nitza Schwabsky (2012), “Testing an organizational innovativeness integrative model across cultures,” Journal of Engineering and Technology Management, 29(2), 226-240 (SCI, IF=.74).

Aviv Shoham, Merav Saker, and Yossi Gavish (2012), “Preventive Health Behaviors – The Psycho-Marketing Approach,” International Journal of Psychological Studies, 4(2), 56-66.

Efrat, Kalanit and Aviv Shoham (2012), “Born Global Firms: The Differences between their Short- and Long-Term Performance Drivers,” Journal of World Business, 47(4), 675-685 (SCI, IF = 1.99).

Segev, Ruthie, Aviv Shoham, and Ayalla Ruvio (2012), “What Does this Gift Say about Me, You, and Us? The Role of Adolescents’ Gift-Giving in Managing their Impressions among their Peers,” Psychology & Marketing, 29(10), 752-764 (SCI, IF=1.39).

Efrat, Kalanit and Aviv Shoham (2011), “Environmental Characteristics and Technological Capabilities' Interaction in High-Technology Born Global Firms,” International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, 5(3), 271-284, (SCI, IF=.22).

Lev, Sara, Aviv Shoham, and Avi Fiegenbaum (2011), “Managing Knowledge Stocks Efficiently: Theory and Examination of the Israeli Hospital Industry,” Asia Pacific JournalInnovation and Entrepreneurship, 5(1), 59-83.

Ruvio Ayalla and Aviv Shoham (2011), “A Multilevel Study of Nascent Social Ventures,” International Small Business Journal, 29(5), 562-579, (SCI, IF=.93).

Ruvio, Ayalla and Aviv Shoham (2011), “Aggressive Driving: Testing a Holistic Model in Israel,” Psychology & Marketing, 28(11), 1089-1114, (SCI, IF=1.39), lead paper.

Sternberg, Uri and Aviv Shoham (2011), “Unique Characteristics of Born-Again Global Firms and Their Relationships with International Performance,” Asia Pacific Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 5(3), 5-29, lead paper.

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