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The School of Business Administration operates on the basis of excellence, innovation, sustainability and mutual fertilization in order to explore and disseminate up-to-date and innovative knowledge with an economic and social impact.

The School of Business Administration has been training managers for over two decades. During this period, we have trained over three thousand graduates embedded in senior management positions in a variety of industries and different sectors. We are proud of these graduates, who are part of our social and economic contribution in Israel and around the world. At the same time, dozens of research students left our school after acquiring a research degree in an academic discipline, and contributed to its forefront of research evidented in many publications shared by these students.

As mentioned, the school continues to grow and develop dynamically. Alongside the traditional program that trains managers in the business sector, there are programs for managing non-profit organizations, real estate and land appraisal management, strategic management of human resources, shipping and ports management and sustainability management. The research track, which operates as a master's degree program in business administration with a thesis, is entering its fifth year. The programs express the management profession which has a central and common core of knowledge, on which specializations in various types of organizations are built.

The school has been running a PhD program in Business Administration for about a decade. Today, dozens of students are in various stages of research in this program, and its graduates will join dozens who have already graduated and are currently teachong in academic institutions or working as senior consultants and managers. In addition, the school holds extensive research activities that include seminars and conferences, some of which are assisted and collaborated with research centers related to the School of Business Administration.

The School of Business Administration emphasizes a positive learning atmosphere in a participatory and productive work environment, therefore the school gives great significance to the connection between three axes: the academic staff, the learners, and the administrative staff. This tradition of research excellence, excellence in teaching and excellence in social engagement, has been ingrained in the school from its earliest days. We are proud of our students, the academic staff and the exceptional administrative staff, thanks to whom the school is a center of excellence and innovation.

In 2015, the United Nations adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that call for action to eradicate poverty, hunger and discrimination, protect the planet and ensure that by 2030 all human beings will enjoy peace and prosperity. These 17 goals are intertwined and affect each other, as well as balance social, economic and environmental sustainability. Subject to the University's decision to adopt these goals as a guiding spotlight for research and teaching, the School of Business Administration strives to express these goals in its study programs and in research of faculty members, understanding that these goals are critical for tomorrow's managers who will lead to these changes for the common welfare.

We invite you to join the family of the School of Business Administration at the University of Haifa: to participate in our research, creativity and learning experiences. The doors of the administrative and academic staff are always open, and we welcome all those who come through our gates.

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