Administrative Staff

Ms. Vered Dana-Tron
Ms. Vered Dana-Tron
 School Administrator
Tel: 04-8288489 | Direct: 58489
Office: Rabin building, Room 9121
Ms. Vered Petrar-Alon
Ms. Vered Petrar-Alon
Coordinator of the General MBA program for managers & the MBA program specializing in Strategic Human Resource Management
Tel: 04-8249581 | Direct: 53581
Office: Rabin building, Room 9127
Ms. Orly Danenberg
Ms. Orly Danenberg
Coordinator of the MBA programs taught in English:
MBA Program Specializing in Technology Management & MBA Program Specializing in Sustainability (Global Green MBA) and the MBA program specializing in Shipping & Ports managenment
 Tel: 04-8288732 | Direct: 58732
Office: Rabin building, Room 9123
Ms. Perach Sade-Inbar
Ms. Perach Sade-Inbar
 Coordinator of the MBA program specializing in Real Estate managenment & the MBA program specializing in management of Non-Profit organizations
Tel: 04-8249193 | Direct: 53193
Office: Rabin building, Room 9122
Ms. Tanya Libashevsky
Ms. Tanya Libashevsky

 Responsible for school's budgets and academic appointments, Coordinator of the doctoral (Ph.D) program, thesis completion studies & Actuarial studies
 Tel: 04-8288453| Direct: 58453
Office: Rabin building, Room 9135 

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