Research MBA - MBA Studies with Thesis

The purpose of this program is to train graduates so that they will have in-depth research insight and knowledge in the various fields of knowledge in business administration. The first year of studies is focused on creating an infrastructure and foundations for the students, which will constitute milestones for the deepening phase in which they will focus on research. The result is a two-stage, two-dimensional curriculum. The first stage includes unique courses that will form the basis for understanding research, research approaches and methods and relevant research tools. In the second stage, the students will be directed to research seminars in fields of knowledge that will serve as a basis for building their personal research. Along with these courses, throughout the program, students will be exposed to courses that belong to the core of the business administration studies. In this way, the degree combines business administration studies that equip learners as graduates of a business administration program, and adds the tier of research skills, which constitute an advantage in both a practical and academic context, according to the aspirations of the learners.

The program is intended for outstanding undergraduate graduates, who strive to deepen their research in the fields of management, while at the same time want to explore its practical aspects. In this way, the graduates of the program will have research training in one of the areas of management, with a combination of practical training, which will allow a broad research and practical vision. The program will prepare students for practical management in the diverse areas of management (strategy, marketing, information systems, finance, organizational behavior, etc.), while focusing on a major research area selected from these areas. The program is designed to give graduates preparation for continuing in two directions: specialization in research through continuing studies for a doctorate, or choosing the applied practical direction, equipped with a deeper understanding resulting from the research emphasis of the program.

General structure of the program (*open to changes)

Core courses of business administration studies (14 credit hours)

  • Behavioral Sciences (2 credit hrs)
  • Computers and Information Systems (2 credit hrs)
  • Organizational Behavior (2 credit hrs)
  • Management Economics (2 credit hrs)
  • Financial Accounting (2 credit hrs)
  • Marketing Management (2 credit hrs)
  • Quantitative methods (2 credit hrs)

Methodological Courses - Research Training 

  • Selected Issues in Research in the Social Sciences 
  • Advanced Statistics 
  • Advanced Research Methods 
  • Workshop for writing scientific work  

Integrative Courses - Business Administration Studies (8 credit hours)

  • Marketing Strategy (2 credit hrs)
  • Project Management (2 credit hrs)
  • Business Strategy (2 credit hrs)
  • Organization Management (2 credit hrs)

Research seminars in the following research areas: (Compulsory selection)

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Information Systems
  • Organization management
  • Business strategy
  • Human Resource management

Total of credit hrs in the program: 39 credit hrs

Courses are hels on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, depending on the curriculum to be determined for students in this program.

For further details, please contact:

Ms. Vered Dana-Tron

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Phone: 972-4-8288489

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