Registration Conditions for Master's Degree - The Research MBA Program

Conditions for applying to the program:

  • A Bachelor's degree with a grade of at least 80 from a recognized higher education institution in Israel or abroad. Applicants who hold a foreign bachelor's degree, completion of the GRE exam is required. The minimum grade will apply to both quantitative and verbal parts of the exam. For GRE info- click here.

  • Passing School's Internal Exam with a grade to be determined. School's Internal Exam consists of 3 parts: Verbal, Quantitative and English, and requires a minimum grade that will be determined periodically.
    - Applicants who hold a Ph.D from accredited universities, will be exempted from taking the Internal Exam.
    - Applicants who hold advanced degrees from accredited universities, as well as applicants who hold senior managerial positions, may request to be exempted from the Internal Exam.
    - Applicantss with an appropriate academic background in the quantitative field, may request to be exempted from the Internal Exam.
    A school committee will discuss all requests, which must be submitted through the program coordinator.

  • Adequate level of English proficiency, as will be determined based on the exam and interview.

  • Recommendations from two lecturers from previous studies.

  • Personal and/or group interview.

  • Applicants with a bachelor's degree from a recognized institution of higher education where the language of instruction is not Hebrew, must pass a knowledge test in Hebrew at the level required by the university as a condition of admission.

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