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Management is a complex, multi-faceted and context-dependent challenge. Management requires familiarity with tools from diverse fields of knowledge alongside many personal and interpersonal skills. No organization is similar to another, and managing a given organization may require different skills and knowledge at different periods of the organization's life cycle and as a result of the circumstances in the environment in which the organization operates. Hence, training of managers is a difficult and almost impossible task.

The School of Business Administration operates out of an understanding of this challenge and offers a range of programs, aimed at bringing to the classroom women and men with rich organizational experience,  and on its basis to create a challenging and enriching learning experience that makes intelligent use of this experience in its various shades. This creates a desirable situation in which the learners not only absorb knowledge from their teachers, but also from their peers and colleagues, who bring their diverse knowledge and experience into the classroom. On this basis, our students are exposed to a variety of courses in  different fields of knowledge. Some of these courses provide practical tools required for management, and some establish a theoretical understanding of relevant aspects that allow  students to develop insights  that will serve as a platform for future development as managers. Many of the lecturers come from diverse worlds of management, so in addition to the knowledge disseminated in  the classroom the studies are  rich and intertwined with managerial experience.

The challenge of teaching management in various fields also requires constant attention to changes in the dynamic world of organizations. Hence, the school on the one hand, constantly strives to keep up to date and develop and on the other hand, focuses on specific areas for deepening . Therefore, alongside a general program that trains managers in the business sector, there are programs specializing in managing non profit organizations, real estate and land appraisal management, management with an emphasis on businesses in the Far East, strategic human resource management, shipping and ports management and sustainability management. This variety of programs expose students to a central and common core of knowledge, alongside a focus on areas of knowledge that involve specializations in the various types of organizations. 

In parallel with these study tracks, there is also a research track that operates as a master's degree program in business administration with thesis. The purpose of this track is to train the next generation of researchers in the various fields of management based on the research that is conducted in our school. Alongside this track and as a natural continuation of it, the school also holds a PhD program in Business Administration. Dozens of students are in various stages of research in this program, and graduates of the program join other dozens who have already graduated and already work in academic institutions or serve as senior advisors and managers. In addition, the school conducts extensive research activities, including seminars and conferences, some of which are assisted and collaborated with research centers related to the School of Business Administration.

The school is accompanied by an alumni council consisting of graduates who are currently in key positions in a wide range of areas in the Israeli economy and serve as an advisory and mediating committee between the academic world and the practical world. This committee makes it possible to "ventilate" and update the curriculum and incorporate practical and up-to-date aspects of management in practice.

Each learning process takes place within an environment that creates the conditions and atmosphere that determine the learning outcomes, no less than other aspects of this process. Given the characteristics of our students, the School of Business Administration emphasizes a positive learning atmosphere and supports a participatory and productive work environment. We are proud of our students, the academic staff and the exceptional administrative staff, thanks to whom the school is a center of quality.

Finally, although most students come to study for a limited period of time and for the purpose of acquiring education and a degree, we believe that the studies period is only a period of acquaintance and initial contact with our students, as the relationship with them lasts for years after graduation, during which graduates contribute and benefit from this continuing relationship. 

The School of Business Administration has been operating in this way for over two decades, during which over three thousand graduates have been trained, and are placed in senior management positions in a variety of industries and in various sectors. We are proud of these graduates, who are part of our social and economic contribution in Israel and around the world.

Prof. Shlomo Harali

Head, School of Business Administration

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