MBA Program in the Management of Real Estate

The School of Business Administration at the University of Haifa conducts a variety of master's degree programs in business administration, most of which are aimed at men and women who want to combine between work and studies. Most programs span a full study day or two halves a week and last about a year and four months. The program specializing in the management of Real Estate and Lans Appraisal in its new outline, allows for the completion of a degree in only one calendar year. Hence, the program is very suitable for those who are on a sabbatical or have been approved for a study year from work.

The Program

The purpose of the program is to train a management reserve at a high academic level and with broad professional horizons that can deal with a variety of managerial and applied issues of real estate initiation, revaluation, financing, and decision-making on real estate management and appraisal issues.

The uniqueness of the program is in the adoption of a multidisciplinary approach: the studies will focus on a wide range of topics related to business administration and real estate and appraisal management, such as financing, marketing, information systems, law, accounting, taxation, land use and environment, real estate economic models, real-estate entrepreneurship, "green building" and real estate revaluation. Students will develop professional skills in analyzing and identifying theoretical and practical problems. In this way, the program's graduates will be able to improve both the level of employment and their chances of finding suitable employment in all organizations and areas related to the real estate sector, such as mortgage banks, local authorities, consulting firms, construction contractors, architecture and planning.

Graduates of this program will be entitled to the will be granted a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) with a specialization in real estate management.

The Program's Structure

The program is based on two sets of study topics - managerial and specialized. The managerial group of courses is aimed at creating a theoretical and applied infrastructure in the field of general management, while the specialized group of courses is intended for a specific specialization in the field of real estate and appraisals.

The entire program is based on four layers:

Basic courses in management, such as Quantitative Methods, Economics, Behavioral Sciences, Marketing, Computers and Information Systems. In-depth courses in key management topics such as Accounting, Investments and Organizational Management / Organizational Behavior. Infrastructure studies such as: Legal aspects in real estate - Real Estate Law and the Planning and Building Law, Real Estate Appraisal and Assessment Principles, Urban Planning and Regional Planning, Real Estate Management and Financial Management. Extensive specialization studies in real estate and appraisals, which include courses such as Urban Economics, Real-Estate Taxation, Real-Estate Entrepreneurship and Green Building.

*There may be changes in the composition of the courses

The Studies

Studies are concentrated on two study days a week - Tuesdays between 15:00-21:00 and Fridays between 08:00-14:00. The studies are spread over 5 consecutive periods, each lasting 9 weeks. Studies begin in October, and the duration of studies is about one calendar year.

Completion lessons, exams and seminars will also be held on other days of the week. Notice will be given in advance. Studies take place on Mount Carmel campus (Haifa University campus).

*Please note, due to an appraisal reform currently being conducted by the Ministry of Justice, the next cohort in the Real Estate and Appraisal studies is no longer subject to the Board of Appraisers and no longer allows for an exemption from the Council's 11 preliminary examinations. This note is valid for aspirants seeking to be certified by the Board of Appraisers to engage in real estate appraisal alongside obtaining an MBA degree.

Registration & Admission

Women and men who possess the following qualifications are welcome to apply for admission to our programs:

  1. An accredited undergraduate degree with a minimum grade point average of 80 or the equivalent *

  2. Preference for those with at least 3 years of managerial/professional experience.

  3. Completion of the GRE/Internal Exam, with a minimum grade that will be determined periodically **

  4. A excellent command of the English language (An MBA student must prove reading, writing, and verbal skills in the English language. Some of the courses and workshops may be given in English).

  5. Qualified candidates will be invited for an interview.

*For applicants who hold a foreign bachelor's degree, completion of the GRE exam is required. The minimum grade will apply to both quantitative and verbal parts of the exam. For GRE info- click here.

** School's Internal Exam consists of 3 parts: Verbal, Quantitative and English, and requires a minimum grade that will be determined periodically.

- Applicants who hold a Ph.D from accredited universities, will be exempted from taking the Internal Exam.
- Applicants who hold advanced degrees from accredited universities, as well as applicants who hold senior managerial positions, may request to be exempted from the Internal Exam.
- Applicantss with an appropriate academic background in the quantitative field, may request to be exempted from the Internal Exam.
A school committee will discuss all requests, which must be submitted through the program coordinator.

For Application: 


Duration of the program - two years of academic studies.

MBA students will pay for the entire program a regular university tuition of two academic years + ancillary payments (security payments, services, etc.), subject to the NIS regulations.

For more details, please contact the Tuition department


Program Officials

Dr. Shlomo David - Academic head of the program

Ms. Perach Sade-Inbar - Program Coordinator
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Phone: 04-8249193

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