The General MBA Program (in Hebrew)

The program

The General MBA Program is central to the Department of Business Administration and has been running successfully for 17 years. The program is taught mainly in Hebrew and is designed for men and women in the midst of their career. Special emphasis is put on the participants’ maturity and managerial experience, combined with academic and team-work abilities. The faculty staff, as well as past-graduates, is personally involved in the process of acceptance to the program. Due to the large number of students and our policy of keeping a relatively low class size, this program is run with two equal and parallel classes.

The teaching staff provides the utmost exposure to the 21st Century business world, while mediating between the academy and field practice. Every member of the senior academic staff has a prestigious academic reputation. They are actively involved in academic research as well as in practical consulting, and other activities in the world of business. The teaching staff is supplemented by senior scholars from universities abroad, who come to share their knowledge and vast experience, as well as professionals from within the industry who bring their experience into the classroom.  

The Program structure and content is built on knowledge and experience in leading Business Schools worldwide and it has been adapted to the unique conditions of business in Israel. The department sees vital importance in updating the courses and content according to latest research findings and best business practices. The academic staff is highly involved in research, consultancy for private and public companies, and teaching at universities abroad. These activities guarantee we are always updated with the latest developments.  

We believe that training must not be one-dimensional. The program is offered to students from diversified occupational backgrounds. We believe that this heterogeneity contributes to a fruitful academic atmosphere in the classroom, and provides an opportunity to engage in extensive cross-cultural interaction.

The students

The students are the essential pillar of the department. They are the link between the academic world and the business community. They come from this community to absorb knowledge and training and return to the community to implement them.

Our students come from diversified occupations, departments within their organizations and academic backgrounds. Their average age upon acceptance is 35 and they have an average 7 years of work experience after they graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree. About half of the students were academically trained in engineering/quantitative disciplines (civil engineering, computers, mechanics, chemistry, industrial management etc.), and about a quarter of the students earned an academic degree in economics and management. The rest possess a Bachelor’s or a higher degree in social sciences, law or humanities. About a third of the students are female.

The occupational range is vast. About half of the students come from the industry and especially High-Tech industry. The other half come from service-providing companies (banking, insurance, computing services and management), the military and non-for-profit organizations.

Unique Program characteristics

Work and study simultaneously: The courses are concentrated in two days of study per week: Thursdays afternoon and Friday mornings. This allows students to earn an MBA while continuing in full-time employment.

Short period of studies: The program stretches over seven study-periods, each of which consists of nine weeks. In addition, the department holds a number of short seminars and workshops. The 16-month overall duration is shorter than most equivalent programs in Israel.

Qualitative study experience: The program encourages teamwork. This and the student’s diverse academic background and managerial experience, allow a fertile exchange of ideas between the students. The instructors emphasize the practical orientation of the subject matter. All of these contribute to the quality of learning.

Networking: Association with peers from other programs and alumni from previous years help in forming social and business contacts, as well as generating employment and business opportunities.


Registration & Admission

Women and men who possess the following qualifications are welcome to apply for admission to our programs:

  1. An accredited undergraduate degree with a minimum grade point average of 80 or the equivalent*.

  2. Preference for those with at least 3 years of managerial/professional experience.

  3. Completion of the GMAT/GRE/Internal Exam, with a minimum grade that will be determined periodically**.

  4. A excellent command of the English language (An MBA student must prove reading, writing, and verbal skills in the English language. Some of the courses and workshops may be given in English).

  5. Qualified candidates will be invited for an interview.

* For applicants who hold a foreign bachelor's degree, completion of the GRE exam is required. The minimum grade will apply to both quantitative and verbal parts of the exam. For GRE info- click here.

** A GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) score is required for the General MBA program for managers. For all other programs applicants have to pass the School's Internal Exam instead of the GMAT Exam. This exam consists of 3 parts: Verbal, Quantitative and English, and requires a minimum grade that will be determined periodically.

School's Internal Exam consists of 3 parts: Verbal, Quantitative and English, and requires a minimum grade that will be determined periodically.

Upon receiving the test score, candidates are requested to provide the University of Haifa with the original or authorized copy of the test score.

  • To the official website of the GMAT Exam click here.

  • For inquiries about GMAT registration call: 0031-263521577 or fax: 0031-263521278.

- Applicants who hold a Ph.D from accredited universities, will be exempted from taking the GMAT/Internal Exam.
- Applicants who hold advanced degrees from accredited universities, as well as applicants who hold senior managerial positions, may request to be exempted from the GMAT/Internal Exam.
- Applicantss with an appropriate academic background in the quantitative field, may request to be exempted from the GMAT/Internal Exam.
A school committee will discuss all requests, which must be submitted through the program coordinator.

For Application: 


Duration of the program - two years of academic studies.

MBA students will pay for the entire program a regular university tuition of two academic years + ancillary payments (security payments, services, etc.), subject to the NIS regulations.

For more details, please contact the Tuition department


Program Officials

Program Head: Prof. Michal Biron
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Program Coordinator: Ms. Vered Petrar-Alon
E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 04-8249581

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