The School of Business Administration encourages its students to apply and compete for grants, awards and scholarships.

In this secction, you can find links to research proposals and scholarship sites.

We encourage all of our students to enter these sites from time to time and go through the scholarships and research proposals. For our part, we will do our best to support the requests you submit.

University of Haifa

Master's Scholarships - University of Haifa (the Advanced Studies Authority)

We recommend that you read the regulations for the master's scholarships on behalf of the University of Haifa. The regulations detail the variety of scholarships awarded to graduate students on behalf of the University of Haifa (by the Advanced Studies Authority), the process for submitting the applications and recommendations for this scholarship, as well as the criteria for receiving it.

Scholarships from external funds (the Advanced Studies Authority)

Calls from outside funds and research centers that are transferred to the Advanced Studies Authority at the University of Haifa and are concentrated on the Advanced Studies Authority website.

Scholarships on the Dean of Students website at the University of Haifa

Scholarships from various bodies are concentrated and published on the Dean of Students website of the University of Haifa - scholarships on a socio-economic basis and scholarships for excellence.

Various Scholarships

Scholarships on the website of the Ministry of Education - list of all funds that provide scholarships by distribution according to various criteria - click here

List of scholarships on the Israel Student Union website - click here

Joint Student Aid Fund for the Council for Higher Education and the Ministry of Education and Culture - click here

Scholarships from the Ministry of Science and Technology - click here

Mifal Hapayis Scholarships (Scholarships for the general public for a full scholarship, annual scholarships, scholarships for the Arab sector) - click here

ISEFI Scholarships (ISEFI), International Fund for Education - click here

HIAS Scholarships (for new immigrants) - click here

NAMAT Scholarships (for female students only) - click here

"Revadim" project in collaboration with the University of Haifa (enrichment on Judaism and current affairs) - click here

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