MBA program for the Management of Non-for-Profit Organizations

About the program

This unique program is designed for managers in non-for-profit organizations seeking to further develop managerial skills, which will assist them in coping with the challenges of a complex, ever changing and multi-faceted environment. In addition, the program offers managers in other organizations (including for-profit), the opportunity to acquire and expand their knowledge of the growing non-for-profit sector. The non-for-profit sector includes public organizations, governmental organizations, social organizations, and communal organizations. These organizations are central to the vast activity conducted in the welfare, health, education, security, culture, environmental care, and sports arenas. Management in such organizations requires general managerial core-skills, as well as specific skills and knowledge to master tasks and problems within this sector. We strongly believe that the professional training provided in MBA programs is essential to managers in non-for-profit organizations as they deal with managerial conflicts that are similar to those in other types of organizations. The Department of Business Administration visions the professional training of such managers with the aim to prepare them as best as possible to current and forthcoming challenges. Hence, the program is built on the grounds of general managerial studies relevant to all organizations, alongside non-for-profit oriented managerial training. Our approach is interdisciplinary in nature, and allows for a profound and integrated understanding of various aspects of organizations in general, and non-for-profit organizations in particular. Those who successfully complete the program are eligible for a Master’s Diploma in Business Administration from the University of Haifa. The non-for-profit specialty is formally acknowledged as an attachment to the Diploma.

The Students

The program is designed for managers who work or find interest in non-for-profit organizations and who have managerial experience of three years or more. We seek to have classes where students come from a wide range of organizations, reflecting the broad range of the non-for-profit sector. The program is built to encourage the participants to share their varied managerial experience with their peers. The program is intensive. It is constructed of condensed but short periods of study, which manage the students’ time to the maximum, in order to allow those who combine work and studies an efficient study schedule.

We perceive the students to be central pillars in the essence of our department. For us, the students are the link between the academic world and the broad community. They arrive from a unique social-managerial context and return to their communities and organizations equipped with knowledge and insights that contribute to their leadership and management excellence.

Administrative Management

Program Head: Dr. Mahmoud Qadan
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Program Coordinator: Ms. Diana Groisman
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Phone: 04-8249193

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